WILMA magazine

Wilmington's Successful Woman

WILMA celebrates successful women — and creates success stories.

WILMA is more than a magazine; it’s a community network and resource. Since 2003, WILMA has built a strong following through its magazine, digital offerings, events and a community-wide women’s leadership initiative.

WILMA features…

ORIGINAL EDITORIAL Tailored to our local readership, including articles on successful women, careers, style, health & beauty, arts &entertainment, dining and local events.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY All of our images are shot by local, professional

photographers, allowing us to provide eye-catching visuals for the magazine and website, while also supporting our professional arts community.

DIGITAL CONNECTIONS WILMAmag.com, WILMA email updates and social media posts include stories, photo galleries and an extended community calendar beyond what’s in the magazine.

ENGAGING EVENTS WILMA hosts events to bring together its audience for education, connections and fun! Events include the WILMA Expo & Holiday Market, WILMA’s Leadership Accelerator, the WILMA Dash and the Women to Watch Awards.

LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES WILMA’S Women to Watch Leadership Initiative helps develop more women leaders in Wilmington-area businesses, nonprofits, government bodies and boards of directors. W2W programs include the WILMA Leadership Institute, mentorships, board of director training, events and more.

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219 Station Rd Suite 202
Wilmington, North Carolina 28405